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The pupils speak!

On 1 March the Erasmus+ pupils of the Ádám Vay Gymnasium in Hungary visited a refugee home in the guarded quarter in Nyírbátor.

In our country it is not easy to meet migrants or refugees. We had the possibility to visit the refugee home with the permission of the police captain of the regional grovernment.

Fanni: We wanted personal contact with the refugees. To speak with them, learn their stories. But the strict rules apply to us, too. There was no possibility of taking photos.

Kornél: It would be really good to present out project results in this guarded quarter. The volunteers or even the probable future employees could promote integration with the help of our ideas.

Rebeka: The ideas which we thought out in the Erasmus+ framework could be collected in an informational brochure and distributed to other institutions. They could be applied under the leadership of an expert. Our integration projects could lead here to successful integration.

Nóra: I don’t think it is fair that the foreign students studying here in Hungary can be brought here immediately if their visas expire.

Tamás: In my opinion, this building looks much too much like a prison. Policemen and bars! If there were more programmes, those living here could spend their days in a more useful way.

Jocó: If volunteer work was possible here, these places could become livelier. It is not unimportant how one feels. Sometimes very talented and educated people come here. Their problem is that they have no personal documents.

Robi: If there were no religious or cultural differences among the people living here, everything would be much easier. But there is the possibility to solve these conflicts. Our ideas could serve as the first steps.

The opinions of the pupils confirm that the work of the past years, the common ideas, the large amount of information, experience, and sometimes our pupil mobilities have led the pupils to recognize a need for change.

It is difficult to assure that any programme will reach the people living here. The present valid rules make this impossible. The pupils’ idea of an informational brochure is worth a try. Some organisation could perhaps use our results later.