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The idea pool consists of a collection of project proposals that promote fairness and integration of minorities in school systems and society. These integration projects span different subjects and age groups (years 8-10) and include areas such as music, languages, art, sport, environment, politics, etc. Some of these ideas are usable in lessons, such as the language project or the teaching materials for work with migrants, refugees and Roma. Others can be used outside of school, such as in sports, arts, or theatre groups, for example, in youth centres, at street festivals and the like. Every proposal contains instructions, progress reports, as well as the level of difficulty for the realisation of the project in the form of a short profile.

1. “My favourite Recipe”:

Collections of favourite recipes from the three project countries with whom we cooperate, as well as the home countries of the refugees and the Roma. Recipes were tested and chosen at the schools as well as at every project meeting abroad. The overarching objective was to demonstrate the diverse kinds of food in every culture, irrelevant of the social status and background.

Download Recipe

2. Board game – “Your town, my town”:

A board game which makes the verbal arrival of the refugees or migrants with little or no language skills easier. The game consists of exemplary questions in 8 categories. These questions meet the needs of many refugees, as the pupils from the integration class of the Hauptschule contributed to this project, not only as board game developers but also as test players. Overarching goal: facilitating verbal integration.

Download Board game

3. “Ready, steady go…Sports”:

A collection of cooperative sports games which can be used in international groups, i.e. to promote trust in each other and reduce mobbing. The overarching objective is to develop trust in one another regardless of background, free of prejudice.

Download “Ready, steady go…Sports”

4. “Postcard for Tolerance”:

As part of a competition logos were created for the project topic “integration of minorities and the disadvantaged” within the frame of the curriculum and in interdisciplinary cooperation (year 9 / Art, Politics – topic racism vs. democracy). These were printed as postcards so that the recipient of the postcard would be made aware of the project topic.

Download Képeslap akció

5. “Street Art Action: Opening the door for integration”:

Embedded in the curriculum (year 9): The development of a common (harmonious) work of art which reflects the integration process: The harmony of the picture evolves from cooperative teamwork with the message that integration only works when we stick together.

Download Street Art

“Say it with music”

This project is comprised of a collection of songs chosen by the pupils which treat our project themes (prejudice, racism, tolerance). Each one of these songs is accompanied by six tasks that can be used in class. In addition, choreographies were created to three of these songs (each in the three languages of the project partner).

Remark: There is a version for the hearing impaired for the choreography of Tu enemigo. The final product is a teacher’s handout with a selection of songs to be used in class.

Download Say it with music

“Mosaic of cultures”

Examples of modules for use in presenting and highlighting one’s own culture. The special cultural features and background of a people or a country are thematized by presenting favourite things, places, foods, etc: from the home country of the pupils through their personal perspective with the help of homemade pictures and sketches. Among other aspects, the German language competence of the refugees or migrants will be stimulated. A memory game could be created as a final product, for example.

Download Mosaic of cultures

“Traditions in the seasons”

A collection of suggestions that could be used to promote the process for adolescents from different cultures to get to know each other better. This means coming into contact with the unknown to fight false clichés as well as fear of new things, as we often find parallels between the unknown and one’s own culture. Postcards with the photo results will be made to reach a larger audience.

“Puzzle corner”

A small collection of puzzle games and tasks (i.e. crossword puzzles, “alphabet soup”, word games …) which treat topics such as home country, flight, successful integration, reasons for flight, dangers, human rights, racism, prejudice. As far as the implementation goes, mixed German and migrant groups (religion, ethic, philosophy) are recommended to take up the topic in a playful but meaningful way. International groups can in this way expand their language competence.

Download Puzzle corner